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Best Day Ever Don't want it to End

Apr. 26th, 2009 | 09:46 pm
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Hey Im Liv and today went to the Twilight In-store Appearance at Gift For The Geeks in Geelong.
I waited in line for 5 hours and got worried that i wouldn't get to meet them. But even if i didn't get to meet them i made heaps of friends in the line; Sai, Jaci, Bella,
Emma, Karen, Bec, Jypsie, Melissa, Bree and her girls. Aha it was so much fun. Mum and i arrived at 11am and sat on our butts until 2ish when Kellan and Edi's Limo
Drove By I Have a couple pics Courtesy of Melissa and a dodgy video from me lol i was shaking. But I Have some footage so they drove by and everyone
screamed but then i had to wait another hour until i got to see them . Thats when i met jaci. She started speaking to sai and i turned and started speaking to her.
We Made sure from then we didn't lose each other cause she was tall and could see over the crowd. So we were waiting and walking . Then they guy running it
comes out and starts saying stuff like " Not all of you will be able to get in" and We all got kinda cranky . I sat on a train for 2 hours and to get there and waited 5
hours in line I am not missing seeing edi and kellan.
So We Stand there and We are literally one metre away and I get to go in ... OMG
I walk in get my pictures from the guy and go and see Edi . OMFG He Is The Sweetest thing ever i love his smile. He is gorgeous. We Have a normal convo and
before he got to me i heard him say  " you aint seen nothing Yet New moon Is Going To Be awesome Taylor Lautner is amazing"
Im Like OMG I seriously cant wait
Then I Go And See Kellan and we just have another normal convo because im so effing nervous.
By the way He Is Effing Gorgeous Seriously. Breathtakingly Amazing lol. Which reminds me They said not to take any pics but my mum got one and its amazing.
Then Edi goes "WAIT!" to Kellan and he stops talking and turns around to the TV Behind Him
Its At the seen in the cafeteria and hes just about to walk through the doors lol.
So as soon as Emmett walks through the door Edi Goes " Hes a tank" and Kellan Goes " are you calling Rosalie a tank ?"
And then they laugh- the cutest laughs ever- and Look at eachother and say "He Works Out!" lol  I Look and say thanx again
and Leave the Store and Squeal SOOOOOOOOO Loud and then walk over to My new friends Sai and Jaci and tell them to " drop everything and hold my hands"
They Are hesitant but say yeah .
I say "Jump up and down and scream with me " they laugh but do it lol.

So Much Fun Best Day Ever..

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